A kata is something borrowed from Japanese martial arts and is something I have seen a lot as a suggestion when learning software development.

Kata is a Japanese word that means “form”. The idea is to practice the same movements often enough that they become second nature. In software development, a developer may use katas to practice things like creating a new router in an app, or maybe writing an algorithm to find all primes up to a specified number. Just short practice items. This practice can lead to more time and mental capacity to think about more important problems that you are trying to solve in your work. It helps keep you sharp and is a fun way to learn new languages and practice algorithms at the same time as well.

I’ve been learning Blender recently, and I didn’t really see any short practice lists or challenges to complete when learning digital modeling and CAD.

So, if you find this page and are also learning a new modeling program, I challenge you to model the following items:

  • ink pen
  • mug
  • usb flash drive
  • three legged stool

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